Norbar Manual Torque Wrenches 3/4-1"dr, 110-1550Nm-HyTools

Norbar Manual Torque Wrenches 3/4-1"dr, 110-1550Nm

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  • Accuracy of +3% reading.
  • Traceable calibration certificate supplied.
  • Non-length dependent. Extension handle can be used to reduce operator effort (handle supplied as standard with Model 800, 1000 and 1500)
  • Positive "click" can be heard, seen and felt.
  • Low weight - Model 1000 just 8.5kg.
  • Long scale length in N.m and lbf.ft allows error-free setting.
  • Fine 60 tooth ratchet allows the wrench to be used in confined areas
  • Supplied in carry case for storage and protection